We shape our buildings,
and they shape us.

— Winston Churchill

Who we are

Belgian property developer

Fenixco is an independent property developer from Ghent. Over the course of generations, Fenixco has been able to maintain its character as a family business.

This is the third generation of the family that is active in residential real estate. We focus primarily on the construction of new apartments, and the redevelopment of existing sites. The Fenixhof is an excellent example of this work.

Fenixco is a 100% financially independent business, and guarantees financial stability. All of our projects are covered by a 100% completion guarantee.

All of our new construction projects are guaranteed by several “securities”.  First, we always look for and purchase all the land for the projects ourselves.  We then carefully choose the best architect and contractor.

Our activities and projects are located throughout Flanders and the Brussels area. Fenixco’s office is in Ghent.


Location, location, location

As a property developer, we start the process for every new project with the element of “location, location, location”. We focus our sole attention on projects with a TOP location, which means optimal accessibility by highways, access roads and public transportation, close proximity to supermarkets, schools, hospitals, cultural institutions and parks, and in a quiet and green environment.

All disciplines in every project team

As a property developer, Fenixco puts together a multi-disciplinary team for every project, made up of internal and external specialists. This enables us to monitor and steer every aspect of the building process in applying the necessary expertise.



What we do

Development in and around cities, now and in the future

Our current work involves both real estate development projects in the city, which in addition to serving a residential purpose also combine other urban functions, and also allotment projects, located around the city.

All of our work is at our own risk and expense. We are not affiliated with a financial institution, investor or construction company.

As a property developer, we feel it is important to strike a balance between living, quality of life, mobility and nature.


Focus on design and customer

We direct our focus on the development of real estate projects, the emphasis of which is always on living. These projects range from apartments, urban villas and residential homes or a combination of these.

We always choose the most efficient solution as a function of the design. This design not only responds to current needs and dreams, it also complies with local urban policies.

Our projects are designed to be sustainable and future-focused. Thanks in part to our know-how, efficient and customer-oriented methods, we strive to achieve affordability, quality, comfort and spaciousness in all our projects. We also attach a great deal of importance to ways to keep energy consumption and noise levels low to boost living comfort.

Our goal is to still be able to see and experience the difference in quality years later when we visit a project.

Customers are the focus of our business, and catering to their needs and requirements is top priority for us. We give our customers a say in the plans we draw up, provide them with comprehensive support in their choice of materials to ensure that their finished homes are fully in line with their taste and budget. In short, our customers know that they can rely on Fenixco’s service.


Attention to all critical elements

Urban redevelopment involves an interaction between critical elements.

It is a multi-disciplinary field in which good project management is a must given the many parties, social issues, and technical and financial challenges involved.

Together with our partners, we strive to achieve excellence to always ensure the best quality in a development project.

What we stand for



We aim to make a contribution to a lively city life or pleasant country living.

Fenixco has a clear vision for every project, and is first and foremost a company with a passion for construction, architecture and people.

The following principles take priority in every project that Fenixco develops.


Added value for our living and residential environment

In each of our projects, our goal is to improve all the quality requirements for living, working, shopping and/or relaxing by applying clear added value to each of them. This is why we approach each project using our local market knowledge as a foundation, with a clearly defined vision that takes into account current trends and our continuously evolving society.

The result leads to a construction project that responds to actual needs, for today and tomorrow.


Know-how and savoir-faire

Up-to-date knowledge on market developments, construction costs, regulations, procedures, financial structures, deal structures and communication are all essential to drawing up the project objectives.

Thanks to the experience we have accumulated over the years, we possess the necessary know-how to bring even complex projects to a successful completion.



We aim to achieve top quality, both in terms of the materials we describe in our contract documents as well as the quality of life for the residents. By quality of life, we mean spaciousness, location, comfort and user-friendliness.


Focus on customers with a capital C

People, our end customers, are our priority. They are the focal point, since ultimately they are the ones who will be living on the property and building a home there.

Working in a team

TEAM, Key to success

A project cannot succeed unless all the parties involved work closely together as a team.


For each project, we look for the best, most suitable people, preferably local partners in order to put together our dream team.

Architects, urban planners, contractors, suppliers and experts work together to form a single team, and are closely involved in the critical decisions related to a project.

As a property developer, Fenixco’s role in this team is much like that of a conductor leading an orchestra.


Property development is closely related to social responsibility.

Thanks to our extensive experience in this field, we have a good understanding of the questions government agencies will ask, and with each project, we work out the details to maximize a project’s potential within the limitations of urban planning demands.


Future residents and end users

In each project, Fenixco aims to meet the needs and wishes of the end user, be this a family, store, investor or business.