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A unique canvas for every project - Fenixco

Thirteen in a dozen, thàt does not sound like Fenixco. Your home has to be something special. A home that has had you in mind from the very first brick. All of our real estate projects have their own architecture, style and story. A story that is particularly rich, which basically finds its essence in the representation of a unique, abstract canvas.

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When you guide people well, a bond will grow naturally - _Cedric Hamerlinck_

When you guide people well, a bond will grow naturally - Cedric Hamerlinck

Entering a Fenixco project without being invited for some coffee? For project coordinator Cedric, it's almost impossible. Everywhere he goes, he is being asked for a chat and offered a cup of coffee and a biscuit. "When you guide people personally, a bond is formed. When, years later, I am still invited in and find myself once again at the coffee table, I take it as a compliment. A sign of appreciation."

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