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How do we smartly handle the limited space there is? In an urbanised landscape like ours, this question is more than ever important. With its car lift and parking systems, the Belgian Strobbe Mobility Solutions respond to this demand, and they create extra space by using technology.

Innovation is what drives people. Or should drive them. Especially in a world that is in the midst of change it is important to come up with innovative solutions to existing challenges. The lack of space in a city, for example. Parking space in particular. To provide an adequate answer in this matter, Fenixco regularly cooperates with Strobbe. The family business, located in Izegem, is a frontrunner in Belgium for car lifts and smart parking systems.

In short: Strobbe creates extra parking spaces in a very limited space by stacking cars in a car park on different levels. With a little imagination you can compare it to a candy vending machine. Upon arrival, an automatic system takes the car to the most optimal storage place. When you leave, you simply call the car back. Another possibility is a rotating platform to make places accessible that would otherwise remain unused in an (underground) garage.

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"A few decades ago, parkings lifts were still science fiction. Nowadays, it's a daily reality." Sarah De Smet (Strobbe)

Extra comfort and security

"A few decades ago, such systems were still science fiction. Nowadays it is today's reality. It is a smart tool for enhancing parking comfort in busy centres and for residents of apartments, for example, who are thus guaranteed their own private parking space. Even though in theory there is a very limited surface area, "says Sarah de Smet, manager of Strobbe. At any rate, the company invests a great deal of effort in user convenience. "At the time of commissioning, we always provide the necessary explanation to the users or residents. Furthermore, we also ensure the required after-sales service at all times. But essentially the system is self-explanatory."

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