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Fenixco is a privately owned belgian real estate developer based in Ghent. With its strong and extensive expertise, Fenixco focuses in particular on residential projects. A considerable amount of attention goes to the housing needs of today and tomorrow to create a home that perfectly matches those needs. A home we ourselves would love to live in.

Moreover Fenixco has been active for more than 15 years in Poland. Besides residential developements, we also develop land, offices, hotels and commercial buildings.

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For 3 generations we have been experts in our field

Since its foundation, Fenixco has had an eye for homes where you feel at home. Houses that make you dream, but which at the same time can be perfectly realised within the urban planning policy with its demanding technical and financial challenges. Three generations down the line, we not only pride ourselves on our passion for the profession but also on a solid dose of market knowledge and experience. A recipe with a 100% chance of success and therefore also a 100% completion guarantee.


Innovation for a sustainable development

We are continiously looking to innovate, driven by the profound conviction that through innovation we will ensure sustainibility.
Sustainability is our prime concern when making any decision, be it the development of our team, of our projects, of our engagements/pursuits in their widest sense.
Innovation through concrete actions, we handed over the first residential project with a shared electric verhicle based on the pay as you use pricing model. We were among the very first integrating a free 24hrs/24hrs package delivery system in our projects, avoiding unnecessary and 'constraining' trips to the different pick-up spots in the area...
Innovation is continiously pushing the comfort zone of the various specialists and partners working on the development of our projects searching for, trying, improving the tools we use and in doing so staying in close contact with innovative companies in diverse fields. Finally, innovation is learning from our customers, our suppliers, our partners and our children about the needs of tomorrow.


Looking for the perfect location

Feeling at home begins with the ideal location. Our real estate projects in and around the city therefore always start from the same single question: where do people want to live? Our eye is always drawn by places that are within easy reach, close to supermarkets, schools and cultural institutions. And preferably also in green, quiet surroundings, where cycling paths and public transport never are far away. There, together with our customers, we realize sustainable and future-proof residential projects, customised for a society that is in a constant process of change.

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A personal approach

While we are not the ones who will inhabit our projects day in and day out, we like to pretend that we do. That is why each plot or site is personally selected by us and financed by our own real estate company. In this way, we succeed in working completely independently and thus in selecting only the very best for our customers. The best location, the best materials and the best people. For each of our projects, a competent team of internal and external specialists is put together, by whom every detail is closely monitored. People who value quality and finishing touches of our projects, as much as we do, with your wishes as our foundation and touchstone.

That one extra effort, that extra personal gesture, that is what sets us apart.

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