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When you guide people well, a bond will grow naturally - Cedric Hamerlinck

Entering a Fenixco project without being invited for some coffee? For project coordinator Cedric, it's almost impossible. Everywhere he goes, he is being asked for a chat and offered a cup of coffee and a biscuit. "When you guide people personally, a bond is formed. When, years later, I am still invited in and find myself once again at the coffee table, I take it as a compliment. A sign of appreciation."

Hands-on practical thinking, a technical elaboration and, above all, a personal follow-up. Cedric Hamerlinck is the personification of the individual approach at Fenixco. He is the man who will guide and accompany the future owners. The rock in the surf that helps with the choice of materials, the specifications and all practical matters that come with a new building. From a first mood board to the ultimate completion of the project.

"I just enjoy doing it so much. This is really why you are allowed to ask me a lot. In itself, it is not difficult to make a living dream come true. But doing so within timing and within budget is the most beautiful thing there is. It makes people truly happy."

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“It is not difficult to realise dreams, but to do so within timing and budget is the best thing.” Cedric Hamerlinck (Fenixco)

A personal experience

There is no detail that would escape Cedric's attention. There is no comment that remains unanswered. He is the point of contact for all your questions. "An apartment is an important decision and investment. So I think it makes sense that someone who makes that decision, is helped in the best way possible. The way he or she likes it." No two roads are the same. Each project is unique and personal. "And if we have to adjust plans to realise a dream project, we do just that." It has already been determined who will be managing those plans. That he will do everything he can to make the process as simple and pleasant as possible is an absolute certainty.

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