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A unique canvas for every project - Fenixco

Thirteen in a dozen, thàt does not sound like Fenixco. Your home has to be something special. A home that has had you in mind from the very first brick. All of our real estate projects have their own architecture, style and story. A story that is particularly rich, which basically finds its essence in the representation of a unique, abstract canvas.

There is only one parallel between all the canvases of our projects: size. In fact, this is also the case for the projects themselves, because the one thing they have in common is their goal. People are going to live in these houses, and they are going to be very happy. But apart from that, everything else is different.

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“Every project is different. It is a home of which not two are the same.” Cedric Hamerlinck (Fenixco)

Your new home captured in one image

The history of a renovated building. The vision behind a housing development project. The details in the architect's design. These are the elements that characterise your home and that define her as unique. It's just impossible to tell all of that in one image. But grasping the core, that is what we can do. Setting out from the start with an abstraction of lines and shapes in the design. This game of drawing will then get its own colour palette as well. The outcome of it all? A stylish and recognisable canvas for your home.

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