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Automatic sun protection when the sun shines too bright or heating that switches off when you close the door behind you. The housing of the future comes spontaneously and naturally. "Smart control makes a home more comfortable and generation-proof", according to Jo Coenen of IP Building. Among others, the apartments of residence Wings in Ghent are fully equipped with the smart control of IP Building.

Combining technologies to make living simpler and more intuitive. That is the concept of IP Building. A vision that Fenixco is one hundred percent supportive of. After years of testing, the Belgian hardware and software manufacturer, IP Building, has developed its own system in which various technologies in the house are communicating with each other. "It is not home automation. We're going beyond that. We're connecting lighting and at the same time ensure that you save energy. Or we add some comfort features so that you, as a senior citizen, can continue to live in your own home for longer", sales manager Jo Coenen explains. "Our platform allows you to individually link the technologies you want. With a central and user-friendly touchscreen the user has full control."

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“We go beyond home automation. We don't just link lighting, we also make sure that you save energy.” Jo Coenen (IP Building)

Comfort is the key word

An example: thanks to the system, it is possible to link the shower to music, light and heating. In the morning you enter the bathroom and with one single button push you turn on the water, the appropriate lighting, the ventilation, the heating. And on top of that you can also hear your favourite music. "Is that necessary? No, it isn't. Is it convenient and does it create more comfort? Absolutely."

The system's major advantage is its continuous development. Extra possibilities and connections will be launched gradually and added from a distance. Adding voice technology is perfectly feasible as well. Closing your bedroom curtains with a single voice command is only a snap away. At least, if that's what you want. Just as well, the IP Building platform only serves as a videophone. It's all about your personal preferences.

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